Taryn and Brian-Laguna Beach Wedding-Southern California Wedding-Destination Wedding Photographer

Taryn has been a dear friend of mine since I was eleven years old. We went to school together, were on the same basketball team, and shared a love for Disney and musicals! Throughout the years we have had many wonderful conversations regarding God, life, goals, future, and of course boys. When Taryn first told me about Brian, he was a fellow coworker who was cute and nice. As time went on, they became friends. This friendship blossomed into seeing each other more and more, taking trips together with other friends, having deep and meaningful conversations, and eventually going out together one on one. Early this year Taryn told me that they were official, soon after they were engaged, and now as of June 19th they are married! This whirlwind romance is based off a solid four years of working together, becoming best friends for the last two years, and now committing to be best friends and partners for the rest of their lives! I am thrilled that my friend, Taryn, found her happily ever after! I was unable to make the wedding as I had another wedding I was attending out in NYC at the same time, but Taryn and Brian delayed their flights home to Texas so that we could take these wedding portraits at the beach! It was my first time officially meeting Brian, but I could see that these two were perfect together! The smiles that lit their faces, and the fun they had together was a joy to capture! It is good to know that my dear friend will be loved and adored for the rest of her life! Congratulations, Taryn and Brian! May God continue to bless you in your journey of marriage!