Jaqui and Brent-Lands End Engagement Session-Sutro Baths-San Francisco Photographer

Jaqui and Brent's engagement session at Lands End in San Francisco was a dream! We had the gorgeous sunset light filter through the trees to create a magical glow for their photos. It really looked like a fairytale with the landscape filled with Cypress trees towering above us! It was very windy that day, but that did not deter us from taking these photos. It just made for more cuddling time for them both! After taking photos around Lands End, we went down the hillside to Sutro Baths for the last part of sunset. We tiptoed across the ruins, and paused several places to take some gorgeous photos! Jaqui and Brent were great sports as we braved the cold and wind down at Sutro Baths! The sunset was gorgeous, and it was worth the trek! Enjoy these photos from good ol' San Francisco!