Brynne and Ethan-Oak Glen and Redlands Engagement Session-Mountain and Night Photography

When you get to drive up to Oak Glen and shoot some charming rustic engagement photos, you have to make the most of it! And that is what we did! I met Brynne and Ethan at the Old School House in Oak Glen for the beginning of our photography session. We explored that area then continued on down the Mountain. We thought we had made our final stop by Riley's Farm as the sunset was now blocked by the mountain, but as we drove down we had to stop at an overlook that was showed the sunset in all of it's glory! It was spectacular! Our spontaneous stop was well rewarded with gorgeous sunset photos before we again continued on to do some night photos in Redlands. We went to the historic train station in downtown Redlands, then continued into the downtown area. It was a great evening of taking photos! And these two were troopers throughout the whole process. Happy engagement you two!

Location: Oak Glen, Ca and Downtown Redlands
Calligraphy: Tawny Graham