Caitlin and Sean Engagement-Cornerstone Sonoma-Napa Valley-Mustard Field-Wedding Photographer

Caitlin and Sean's engagement session was a dream! We started out in the morning at Cornerstone Sonoma, an art museum in Sonoma. Caitlin and Sean have visited here several times, and it was very special to them. Plus it was such a great place to photograph at! We had a lot of fun and laughter as we jumped from one exhibit to the next, ending shortly before lunch time! We had a few hour break before meeting back up again at a mustard field in Napa Valley! During the down time, I was able to explore Napa and visit one of the wineries in the area, and Caitlin and Sean were able to change, freshen up, and get their adorable dogs for the next round of photos! The mustard field was a brilliant field of yellow, and we took photos to our hearts content! We ended as the sun set behind the mountains, backlighting the gorgeous flowers in one final glow! I am so thrilled with how this day and session turned out! It really was an amazing time with a wonderful couple! I love destination engagement sessions, and this one is definitely one of my new favorites!