Nathan and Jordan Proposal-Engagement Photography-Long Beach Aquarium-Lighthouse

This proposal just makes me happy! The variety of expressions these two share from surprise to crying to love to goofiness to laughter! It is just amazing! Nathan and Jordan are so great together, they are completely themselves, crack each other up, and so very in love! I was so excited when Nathan contacted me about shooting the proposal! The two had spent the day at the Long Beach Aquarium, then had toured around before coming over to the lighthouse where Nathan and I had planned out. I got to be a pretend tourist while Nathan set up on a bench at the Lighthouse at Shore Park in Long Beach. I discreetly snuck in a few photos in the beginning, and when the proposal was happening I was able to go into rambo mode to capture the different expressions Jordan had! It was such a fun event! I loved every moment of it! The rest of the shoot was a dream as the two cuddled up and laughed together so naturally! Enjoy viewing their joyful moment, and congratulations to Nathan and Jordan!