Rocky Mountain Adventures-Traveling in Colorado

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel out to Colorado this Fall to do a photo shoot, and I stayed a few extra days to explore the Rocky Mountains. I went with a group of four friends and we explored, hiked, camped, took tons of photos (well, I took tons of photos!), and just had a wonderful time! It is on trips like this where I am out in God's majestic nature, see wildlife, beautiful scenery, and fellowship with the people around me that I just get refreshed in my body and soul! I reconnect with God in a deeper way, and I reconnect with my passion for photography. When I take trips like this it renews my drive and passion, I take photos simply for the sake of capturing the beauty the surrounds me. It is not for anyone else, it is for the pure joy of creating art with my camera in my hand! I know I will always enjoy these photos, the beautiful fall colors, the stunning scenery, and the memories shared during the time there! Thank you to my friends Lacey, Brad, Candace, and Mallory for making this such a wonderful trip, and for putting up with my frequent requests to stop and take some photos! Love you all! 

My wonderful group of friends, starting from the left: Lacey, Mallory, myself, Brad, and Candace! 


I was so thrilled to see Moose! We had to hike a ways and at 11,000 feet to find them, but it was definitely worth it!